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By Ted Krapf on 10/16/2013 9:21 AM
A client of mine recently wanted to collect payments on her website for event registration with her PayPal account.  The catch was, Adults were $10 ea, Children (3-12) were $8 ea, and Children (3 & younger) were $5 ea. So I set out on an adventure to figure out how to do this.  Obviously we didn't want to make a PayPal button for every possible combination of registration possible, that would be of been maddening.  Instead, ideally I wanted to build a form on her site using some basic HTML and jQuery to pull it off.  And after a little playing around, figured out just how to do it.  It was also especially important that we accomplish our goal without introducing additional tags into the web page, because the website runs DotNetNuke and already contains tags that would interfere with the PayPal tags.

The following code is how we accomplished a dynamic PayPal button without using a form tag.

First the HTML:

        Adults ($10 ea)             Children (3yrs - 12yrs)...