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DNN Live Chat

Date: 9/6/2013 9:00:00 PM

So the age old question... buy it or build it?

Recently I was helping a client with their new ERP that my team and I developed for them.  Part of the ERP is public facing and we wanted to integrate a Live Chat feature to help the client's customers transition through the changes.  I was very surprised to find a real lack of quality Live Chat services out there that fell into a happy medium between Good Features and Free.  So after toiling around with a few canned solutions and services, I set out to develop my own but had a need for it to be complete web based, allow for desktop apps to tie into it, and archive all the conversations into a database for reporting/analytics.

After just a few days work, the DNN Live Chat you now see on my home page is the end result.  My DNN Live Chat is a simple pluggable service that can be added to a DNN website or any other HTML based site.  Give my DNN Live Chat a test spin.  See what you think and please share your feedback.

If you are interested in purchase the source code, or would like an account on the DNN Live Chat system for a minimal monthly fee, please shoot me an email, and I'd be more than happy to get you setup.