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Visual Studio Installer - Your machine is busy with another installation

Date: 5/12/2020 12:07:18 PM

I recently was trying to apply a routine update to Visual Studio and during the VS Installer, kept getting the "Your machine is busy with another installation" message.

As I saw elsewhere online, many suggested cancelling the update install, reboot, and try the update install again.  This didn't seem to work for others (nor for me).

While the Windows UI wasn't alluding to any installers (or Windows Update) operating, I started digging through Task Manager for potential culprits.  It wasn't until I did End Task on the OfficeClickToInstall process that the VS update installer finally completed.  I also noticed that the Excel.exe was showing in Task Manager (even though its UI was not visible).

I hope this helps someone else.

Happy Coding, and stay healthy out there!