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Snipping Tool Disappears After Snip

Date: 11/15/2023 10:03:29 AM

Ever since the Windows 11 Snipping Tool got its last major update, something changed.  It was a minor change, but it has been driving me nuts.  When you snip something, the Snipping Tool's window would fall to the background.  While this can be helpful (saving you the step of getting it out of the way, and the snip has already been copied to the clipboard automatically), it's intensely annoying that you now need to hunt for a background windows when you first need to annotate the snip before pasting to your email, doc or whatever.

After some digging around, I ran across a solution that actually works.  These are the steps:

  • Close the Snipping Tool app, if it's currently open
  • Click Start, search/open Settings
  • Click Apps in the left-hand menu
  • Click Installed apps in the middle pane
  • Use the "Search apps" box to filter down to Snipping Tool
  • The Snipping Tool result will have a "..." button on the right side, click this, select Advanced Options
  • Set "Background apps permissions" to "Never"
  • Scroll down the "Reset" section and click both the "Repair" and "Reset" buttons and confirm them if asked
  • Close the Settings window
  • Reopen the Snipping Tool app, give it a test (it should now stay in the foreground after snipping)

This should prevent the Snipping Tool from disappearing into the background after taking a snip.  Sigh... it now feels weird to not need to hunt for it in the background after doing so for so long -- dang you muscle memory.

Kudos to  RobinsonSilvestre and  Grimlockers on for discovering and improving these instructions.  Total timesaver!