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Rants, Raves & Tips is fantastic

Date: 10/20/2020 4:32:42 PM

If you ever have a problem of parsing a single "Name" column from a CSV or Excel doc, has got you covered!

Their API is easy to use, feature rich, and somehow intelligently is able to parse values like "John W Lennon" into:
First Name = John
Middle Initial = W
Last Name = Lennon

Obviously parsing the above name in Excel would be easily enough if every name input came in a First M Last format, but with this API, you're able to send a variety of single string inputs (even in different languages), and it will parse the single string into a tidy, complex JSON response with each part of the name broken into its appropriate component.  It even brings out titles, surnames, suffixes and more.

It's also great that they give you free credits to be able to develop and test with.

While they don't have an official .NET SDK available, I was able to grab their Swagger, quickly build my own SDK using Swagger Codegen, and was developing within minutes.

Great platform guys!  Keep up the great work.

If anyone is interested in a simple WinForms (Desktop) application that will parse CSV files, please contact me.  I can share the GitHub with you (granted, you'll need your own API Key and account).

Happy Coding!