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By Ted Krapf on 2/6/2013 9:51 AM
Infrequently I love getting chain letter spam, so that I can read through it, pick it apart, and then reply to the 100+ people that I was not BCC'd with.  Note the use of "infrequently".   It's bad enough to get spam, but to get it directly from family members?  Plus the fact that my email address is then shared with 100 other friendly spammers because even after repeated attempts to explain the BCC feature, it doesn't get used.  Sigh....  

I thought I'd share my latest rant.  Enjoy!

Hmm…. Strange…

Says, before television.  TV’s have been commercial available since the late 1920’s, which would make “Grandpa” much older than 59 years.

Also I find this slightly offensive, because it’s sort of in the tone that these issues are the fault of Generation X and Y, and not Baby Boomers(1946-1964) and Generation Silent (1927-1945)??

A lot of this stuff...