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By Ted Krapf on 3/9/2015 3:46 PM
So the need for a client's offline ClickOnce app to have command line parameters came up again. (oh boy).

The Microsoft docs initially spec'd out that you can't do this when the ClickOnce app is an "offline" app.  But since .NET 3.1, there is a trick you can use to make offline ClickOnce command line parameters function.

The scenario is this:

Client has a ClickOnce app that gets updated (redeployed) by their developer frequently The app is Offline, meaning during publishing from Visual Studio, "How will users install the application?" is set to "From a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM", and then "The application will not check for updates". They have Task Scheduler running on their production box and they basically want the app to run at two different times daily, but to have a command line switch to run different features of the app at the different times. The solution, initially, I thought was to simply have the developer put some time based conditions actually in the application...